About Us

Today, millions of aware, compassionate and caring individuals are striving hard to bring about positive changes to our existence as a whole by aligning themselves with different movements. Several progressive movements like organic cultivation, veganism, feminism, LGBTQIA, gender equality, sustainable consumption, afforestation & plantation, environment protection, minimalism, wild-life conservation, natural & off-grid living, earth-friendly architecture & construction, rights of aboriginal and indigenous tribes, amateur ornithologists, slow food & slow fashion proponents, zero-waste communities, chemical & plastic-free living, homesteading etc. are gaining ground rapidly.

But unfortunately all these progressive movements and nature-friendly communities are largely divided and working in a mutually exclusive manner even though the underlying intention of all of them is same at a fundamental level. One of the objectives of GREEN BUSINESS PAGES is to bring all of them on a single platform. United we can do more good than alone.

On the other hand, several new-age entrepreneurs, innovators and business ventures are also going out of their way to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products to serve the contemporary consumers and minimize the adverse impact on our ecosystem. We all know that this world can’t survive for long without the implementation of sustainable production and logistic practices by a huge chunk of business houses. So as a consumer, we need to encourage such responsible businesses by prioritizing our consumer spending in favour of socially and environmentally responsible businesses. GREEN BUSINESS PAGES would like to help and support these consumers by facilitating easier connection with sustainability oriented businesses.

GREEN BUSINESS PAGES is an initiative by Green Mantra. It was born out of a growing desire to connect the socially and environmentally conscious consumers to equally responsible producers. In addition to connecting socially responsible enterprises to existing earth-friendly communities, GREEN BUSINESS PAGES is an endeavour to expand the reach of such businesses to include & serve every single consumer on the planet to promote conscious & responsible consumption through such business offerings.

GREEN BUSINESS PAGES visualize a world where all business is conducted through a sustainable & planet friendly commercial practices. We like to offer a user-friendly and accessible platform that can build strong bonds among like-minded consumers and producers.

We wish to serve the planet through serving you.