Why do I need to register or create my account?

Not really. You don’t need to register / sign up with GREEN BUSINESS PAGES to search and access its database. You can avail this crucial service as a Guest visitor too.

However, signing up an account gives you several additional features like bookmarking a listing, publishing a List of your chosen business listings (as a publicly visible or private collection), a dedicated Dashboard with your profile photo, cover picture, an easily accessible collection of all your favourites, all reviews made by you, listings submitted by you, Lists, subscriptions and invoices. You can also print and pay your pending invoices from your User Dashboard.

How do I login or register my account?

If you’re a new user, you would need to create a User account to access your Dashboard. You can click on “Sign in” text at top right corner or click “Login” Menu in the Navigation Menu-bar.

A small form will open in the window (as shown in image above). If you want to signup with any of your existing social media credentials, click the logo of your social media (given under LOGIN VIA SOCIAL” and authorize with your password. You can always login to GREEN BUSINESS PAGES with the same social media account. Otherwise, click “Create account” and fill up the form.

How can I add Reviews & Ratings for a business?

Click the word “Reviews” near the star rating in the right sidebar to open the Review & Rating interface. Here you can submit your review and rate your experience with the business or read others’ reviews. You can also access this section by clicking the “Reviews” tab. Tabs are below the sliding images and just below the list of Categories. “Reviews” tab should be on the right side of tabs like Description, Photos, Map etc.

If you are on mobile, click on “Description” tab and then select “Reviews” from the dropdown:


N.B.: You can add reviews and ratings without even creating an account. But you won’t get an organized collection of those in your personal Dashboard, without signing up.


How can I collapse the Categories’ list on the right side of Map? It partially obstructs my map view on a small sized mobile screen.

Yes, you can collapse and expand that window on the right of the Map by tapping on the compress & expand icons placed at the bottom of Category & Title window as shown below:

Click to collapse as shown above.


Click / tap to expand as shown above.


How can I use the search feature?

You can easily search the huge database of website in several ways:

Use the Search box: Type either business name, category name, tag or a keyword by typing in the search box (by typing at indicated space by “Search for”) and click the search button. You can also specify the location (for searching in a particular State or city) in the “Near” box.

Advance Search: Click the gear icon next to search button for advanced search options. Filter your search by specifying a specific category, organic, vegan or vegan-friendly labels, distance options (like nearest to farthest or vice-versa or in a specific range), listings with video, tags etc.

Search by Category: Top parent categories are mentioned under “All Categories” below the map on Home Page. Click any of them, on the next page you will see the results with an option to refine it further with sub-categories (mentioned on top). You can also type the Category name in the search box.

Browse all Categories: Click on this sub-menu under “Home” menu and you will see a list of all categories. Click the one you want to search in.

Browse by locations: Click “Browse States / Cities” button under “Home” menu. You can also find the links to all States at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Change Search Location: You can set the location of your search by clicking on this menu button. For searching around you, click “Near: My Location” or type the name of the location. Once you search in any location, your subsequent search will show listings only for that location. For searching in other locations, either change the search location by clicking again on Change Search Location button or go back to Home Page by clicking on <<Home in Menu button.

Search in Map: You can directly search a listing from the map. By clicking any map pin, the listing details will pop up as shown below:

To visit this listing’s page, just click on this pop up again.
You can also use the Title text box given in the collapsible window at right of the map. Type any part of the name of the business you are searching (and check the categories in which you are searching), results for your search will be shown on the map itself.

Why do I see only a few listings in my subsequent searches?

When you search by either a Category or a Location, your subsequent searches are refined under that specified category or location only. If you don’t want to apply only that Category to your search, delete the category by clicking on cross as shown below:

For clearing Location, click on the cross button on your current location shown at “Change My Location” button as shown in an example below:

You can also click on <<Home Menu to get back to the default website Home page and initiate your search there.


What’s Green Business Pages and how it’s different than other business directories?

GREEN BUSINESS PAGES is on a mission to give limelight to only those businesses that sincerely work, produce & deliver to specifically facilitate vegan, organic, chemical-free or sustainable living for consumers. So we do NOT enlist any business or professional that does not make any extra effort towards this cause.

How do you decide whether a business is organic, vegan or it supports sustainable practices?

In the absence of any reliable source, evidence or public knowledge, we merely trust the claims made by a business. If there is no such expressed claim by the business, we insist them to sign a written declaration in this regard. A potential consumers may also get an idea by going through other customers’ individual reviews and feedback for a business. We also take customers’ feedback and complaints seriously and investigate it on our own.

What if my business is vegan but not sustainable?

We welcome all vegan businesses to our directory irrespective of their sustainability level. We also put a green “100% Vegan” sticker & label prominently on such business listings to make them more conspicuous for the vegan community. We believe veganism to be highly sustainable stance though we would also like to encourage them for adopting sustainable practices in packaging, logistics and using chemical-free ingredients to make themselves more acceptable by our wider community.


We enlist all vegan businesses that adopts sustainable practice under “Sustainably Vegan” category in addition to Vegan category. Sustainably Vegan businesses get a wider audience as they are sought after by vegan as well as sustainability loving community.

What if only some of my products or services are vegan. Can I still list my business in this directory?

Yes, if your business explicitly label your vegan products as “vegan” and/or non-vegan products are segregated to make it easier for vegans. Additionally, vegan products should make up a significant part of your product portfolio or revenue, we would love to have you in our directory. However, we don’t enlist such businesses in “Vegan” category but assign them “Vegan Friendly” category instead.

Also, vegan-friendly products and services are more than welcomed to be listed on GREEN BUSINESS PAGES. We provide a specially coloured “Vegan Friendly” badge to all such listings to make them stand out to give more visibility to your business.

What if my business is Organic but not vegan?

Businesses offering Organic products are welcome to be listed on GREEN BUSINESS PAGES. We also provide a distinct "Organic" label to all Organic & Chemical-free businesses. But organic animal products like free-range chicken or eggs, grass-fed beef, ahimsa milk, forest harvested honey or organic meat etc. won’t be listed irrespective of their sustainability arguments.

How can my business get “RECOMMENDED” banner on listing image?

“RECOMMENDED” banner and other custom banners are put up only on paid listings. Please get in touch with our sales team to know more about it.

My business is already listed on GREEN BUSINESS PAGES. How can I claim it?

Your business may already be listed on GREEN BUSINESS PAGES by our own team or one of our website users. To manage, edit and upgrade that listing, you will first need to claim its ownership.


To claim your listing, you need to first search your business listing and go to your listing page (after signing in to your account). In the right side-bar, scroll down a little to “Is this your business?” section. There you can click on “Claim Your Listing” button and follow further instructions as you proceed.

I want to add my business listing to this website. How to proceed?

Simply go to the "Add New Business Listing" page from the menu bar and fill your business details in the form and click Submit Listing button at the bottom.

(Check more details in Login & Signup section of FAQs or get in touch with us).

Can customers contact business owners directly through listing contact form?

Yes. GREEN BUSINESS PAGES does not believe in accumulating business leads and then re-distributing them to preferred businesses. Unlike many other business directories, at GREEN BUSINESS PAGES, we believe in total transparency and fair play. Hence we have designed our system in such a way that any visitors can communicate to you directly through phone, Whatsapp, email, your website or Contact Form provided on your listing page. We don’t mediate to re-allocate business responses and leads to favour any particular business. At GREEN BUSINESS PAGES, everything is as transparent as it can get.


Can I add a new business listing to this website?

Yes, we welcome addition of free listings to our database for the benefit of GREEN BUSINESS PAGES community if that doesn’t already exist in our database. Any user can add a business listing, if he / she knows the business well and is sure about its adherence to the sustainability principles. You must also have the required business details for submitting it for our approval.

But only the actual business owner or its authorized representative can claim that listing to manage it later on.

How to add a new business listing for free?

Click on “Add New Business Listing” button in the menu bar and you will find a form for submission of listing details. Just fill this form and click the “Submit Listing” button at the end.

Import data from your social page:

To make it easier, we have provided an import tool at the beginning of the form. In the text box there, you can either insert a URL (link) for official Facebook or TripAdvisor page of the business. Then just click the “Import Details” button. Many of the details will get imported into this form. You will need to add the remaining detail. You can also drag images to re-arrange their order.

Adding your address and location on map:

At the right end of the Address field, you will find a small road-circle geolocation icon.

Just click on it when you’re at office and it will automatically fill your address and put it on the map. You can pin-point your location on the map by manually dragging the pin, if it’s not accurate.


If you are inserting your address manually, first select the State and then City from the dropdown. Now before filling your complete address, click this button (Set Address on Map):

Now proceed to fill complete address, PIN etc. and drag the pin on map to your exact location.

My city does not exist in the list:

Click on the City dropdown and add your city name in the text box there. It will be added to our database on your submission.

My business needs new or additional categories:

You can add multiple categories to your listing in the same box.

If you want to add a new category that doesn’t yet exist on our website, please get in touch with our team through “Contact Us” page

Is there a way to add our business logo for displaying it on our listing?

Yes, this is a premium feature. Select a paid package and you will see an image box to upload your business logo there.